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Moroccan Fresh Cuisine

Hello, hello friends! 

ZAHARA is a POP-UP Moroccan restaurant, we Do Not have a brick and mortar or permanent physical location. As a result, we are NOT open for everyday dining. 


This is how we operate, we organize Moroccan soirées, we send and invite to our website subscribers, first, then we post it on social media for public. Seats are very limited; therefore, it is first come first serve.  


ZAHARA is not about just eating then leaving, it is a 2 to 2.5 hours of living and experiencing the food, making new friends, and brining the community together. During the event multi course meal will be served while you are taken on a virtual journey to a city in Morocco. Our main goal is to make sure you really enjoy and experience a very fresh and authentic Moroccan food, prepared with love by former head chef of a top three best restaurants in Africa, located in Marrakesh, Morocco. 

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Our Dishes

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