Moroccan Fresh Cuisine

For Authentic Moroccan food lovers and "Healthy Fresh Dishes", Zahara is the place, prepared by former head chef of a top three best restaurants in Africa, located in Marrakesh Morocco. 

Zahara is named after our own Mothers, they are the most hospitable ladies, they will take the best they have to make sure you are feeling safe, loved and well fed. 

Zahara is a pop-up restaurant, we organize Moroccan Soirées, it is the perfect place where food is an experience through storytelling, which will take you on a virtual journey from your seat to different cities in Morocco, you will learn about the culture, food, make new friends, feel loved, respected, and safe. 

We also cater for all occasion, the only thing we request is that you give us at least one-week advance notice.

How do you find out about our events? 

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